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I Got Styled By Tan France & Realized I Still Have A Lot Of Fashion Rules To Unlearn BUSTLE.COM

"When I walked into a New York City Express store on May 2 to get styled by Queer Eye's Tan France, I was ready for anything. And I mean truly anything. I am such a massive fan of the show and Tan that if he had instructed me to wrap myself in tin foil or wear a full-body dinosaur costume, I truly would have done so gladly. Still, though, I was nervous going into the appointment, in which I would be styled by Tan with items from Express that could transition from morning until night — something the brand has named "nine-to-night style." Trying on clothes in front of just yourself can be emotionally taxing as it is. Trying on clothes in front of strangers is downright terrifying. When that stranger is a stylish, famous person you admire... yeah, it's pretty scary. But as soon as I met Tan, all of my anxieties melted away — well, for the most part."


I Rented Out An Entire Private Island For $300 A Night — Here's Why You Should Do It, TOO INSIDER.COM

"In the spring of 2016, I was almost one year out of college and in need of an adventure. One afternoon I opened up Airbnb's homepage to browse around, as I so often did for fun, and a tiny, private island was on the front page. It was a pinprick piece of land situated in the middle of a large reef, which was surrounded by a giant expanse of ocean."

A Feminist Miss USA Still Doesn't Exist, But I'll Wait

"Kára McCullough is a nuclear scientist. She is a woman of color. She is a beauty queen. And now, she's 2017's Miss USA — one of only 10 black women to win the title in the pageant's 65-year existence. But, as she made very clear on the Miss USA stage on May 14, Kára McCullough is not a feminist...."

The Differences Between KKW Beauty & Kylie Cosmetics May Be More Strategic Than You Think / Kim Kardashian West Original Interview

"When I ask Kim Kardashian West if she feels pressure for her new KKW Beauty cosmetics line to be as successful as Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics, the first thing she tells me is how proud she is of her sister. The second is that the two lines are totally different..."

To People Who Think Caring About Fashion & Beauty Is Trivial Right Now

"I mark life milestones by the dress I was wearing when they happened. I remember years of my life by how I did my eyeliner then. Even though they've been a constant and powerful force in my life since I can remember — until recently, I was never quite brave enough to claim that fashion and beauty actually mattered. That they held significance beyond a hobby. Beyond myself..." 

Dascha Polanco Says Many Designers "Just Don't Respond" When ASKED TO DRESS HER FOR AWARD SHOWS

 "...I spoke to Polanco on the heels of her show-stopping VMAs red carpet appearance, where she wore a look by Yuna Yang — one of the few designers who has agreed to work with Polanco and her body type, the actress says over email.
'The experience has been struggle, honestly," Polanco says of finding designers during awards season. 'It surprises me to hear high-end designers [say], 'But we don’t have samples in her size.' Really? I don’t understand if it’s referenced as a sample, wouldn’t it be a sample in every size?'..."

Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images
Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

I Tried 23 Of The Weirdest Face Masks I Could Find

& Lived To Tell The Tale

This Is Why You Can't Remember Any Of Meryl Streep's Oscar Dresses

"As you'll probably hear about 10,000 times between now and the 89th Academy Awards on Feb. 26, Meryl Streep has been nominated for a lot of Oscars. Like, a lot. This means Streep has probably attended the world's most prestigious awards show more times than many of us have watched the show. She's an impressive actor. An impressive woman. But as many times as we've seen her on the red carpet at such a fashion-focused event, the same thing remains true: People usually aren't talking about what she's wearing..."

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"...I, like most people, post the things that are going to reflect the best aspects of my life and personality. Also my face. Because selfies. Why, yes, I do drink coffee at hip cafes and order things online from J.Crew. Oh, don't mind me, just a picture of my new Nikes and me heading to spin class. Because I'm fit. Obviously (I'm not). Oh, look! I'm doing a juice cleanse. I buy peonies! I read books! I am well-rounded! I have shoes!
You know, the important parts of my life.
Anyway, as a sort of confession: here is what I'm really doing in all those Instagrams vs. what I presented to the world. Prepare to be shocked..."

Why The SI Swimsuit Issue Editor Welcomes Criticism — EXCLUSIVE

"The inside of this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue features the most diverse group of models for the magazine ever. The images  highlight varied and powerful bodies like that of Serena Williams, Hunter McGrady, Robyn Lawley, and Simone Biles. All three covers, however, belong to supermodel Kate Upton who, yes, is stunning... but still a thin, blonde white woman. In an interview about the issue, SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day tells me that she's aware of the criticism Upton's covers are getting and, actually — she's happy about it..."

To The Stranger Who RUns My Instagram Account: Let's Hang Out BUSTLE.COM

"To that girl in all my selfies: Given that we share the same Instagram account, I figured I should probably suggest that we hang out sometime. You seem pretty great. And I mean, it only makes sense that we should at least meet for a friendly coffee, right? Photograph our almond milk lattes? It could be fun.
Maybe not this week, though. I'm a little tired this week; I'm not sleeping well lately. So maybe you can tell me, because you seem to have the answers — what's it like to not have anxiety? To not lie awake for four hours before you finally fall asleep... It must be great to not feel so out of control. Tell me what that's like."