About Olivia

Olivia is a writer, editor, and Law & Order SVU enthusiast who has most likely already stalked you on Instagram. When she's not reading the newest thriller, drinking coffee, or trying to convince herself that she does not, in fact, need to buy cleaning supplies or socks in bulk on Amazon, you can find Olivia being a Fashion & Beauty Editor at Bustle.com, writing about weird face masks and the ever-changing world of social media, or interviewing Kim Kardashian West (OK, that only happened once).

Olivia lives in New York City with her boyfriend and dog in an overpriced apartment that she decorates with semi-expensive things people leave by the trash can with "please take" signs, and enjoys lighting no less than 30 candles at a time. In her free time, Olivia complains about not having enough free time and makes to-do lists she usually half completes. Olivia is serious about sarcasm, the transformative power of a great outfit, and writing things that make people laugh, and you can most likely find her staging an Instagram somewhere in Manhattan.

Photo By:  Denisse Benitez

Photo By: Denisse Benitez